The Gift Of Song was established in 2003. Music industry veteran Lee Evans decided to invite his then 86 year old father to his professional Manhattan recording studio and record him singing and playing his Jamaican folk songs. The experience so inspired Mr Lee Evans, that he decided to create a service exclusively designed to bring amateur singers friends and families into the studio to record and produce them like professionals and create a top quality product.

Lee Evans: “Every holiday, every family gathering or event, my dad would bring his guitar and sing and play his Jamaican folk songs for us. We’ve heard them so many times that they became ingrained in us much like the kindergarten ‘abc’ song and the valuable life lessons that he taught us. So I decided one day to bring him to the studio and record him playing and singing, I produced and orchestrated it, pretty much immortalizing his unique versions of those songs forever. Everywhere he went, he played his CD and the people would love it. He would blush. Now, everyone in the family, relatives and all has a copy of my dad playing the songs we all grew up listening to.”

So Lee decided to let others in on the fun. He developed it into a unique service sought after by hundreds of amateur musicians hobbiests and aspiring singers.

“Now today over 20 years later,, we are recording tourist songs, birthday songs, corporate song, anniversary, songs, team songs, I miss you songs, wedding songs, group songs you name it! It’s all about bringing the spirit of life out of people through music and capturing it forever”

We know you will have a great time and maybe even find a hidden talent, but best of all, you will have fun and create a lasting memories.

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